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State of the Bay 2016

This collaborative report produced by the Barnegat Bay Partnership presents the environmental conditions of the bay and its watershed in

Artificial nesting habitats as a conservation strategy for turtle populations experiencing global change

In Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, USA, there is a mosaic of natural and degraded terrapin nesting habitats. We investigated the

Concentrations, loads, and yields of total nitrogen and total phosphorus in the Barnegat Bay-Little Egg Harbor watershed, New Jersey, 19892011, at multiple spatial scales

Concentrations, loads, and yields of nutrients (total nitrogen and total phosphorus) were calculated by the USGS for the Barnegat Bay-Little

Assessment of a Shallow Ground-Water-Quality Indicator

Groundwater provides most of the drinking water used in the Barnegat Bay watershed, as well as most of the fresh

Nutrient Concentrations in Surface Water and Groundwater, and Nitrate Source Identification Using Stable Isotope Analysis, in the Barnegat Bay-Little Egg Harbor Watershed, New Jersey, 201011

Five streams in the Barnegat Bay-Little Egg Harbor (BB-LEH) watershed in southern New Jersey were sampled by USGS for nutrient

Contributions of Nitrogen to the Barnegat Bay Little Egg Harbor Estuary: Updated Loading Estimates

This report describes the results of a study conducted by the United State Geological Survey (USGS) to update estimates of

Contributions of Nitrogen to the Barnegat Bay-Little Egg Harbor Estuary: Updated Load Estimates

Prepared by researchers from the United State Geological Survey's New Jersey Water Science Center in cooperation with the Barnegat Bay

Fuzzy cognitive mapping in support of integrated ecosystem assessments: Developing a shared conceptual model among stakeholders

Using Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping the authors constructed a series of ecosystems models of the Barnegat Bay based on stakeholder perceptions

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