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Kemp’s Ridley

Physical: Kemp's Ridley turtles can grow up to an average of 2 feet. Their carapace (upper shell) is almost circular with


Loggerhead Sea Turtle

no description


Northern Diamondback Terrapin

Physical: Diamondback Terrapins have wedge-shaped carapaces (top shells) that range from gray-brown to black, and a lighter, greenish-yellow plastron (bottom


Science Updates

Register for the State of the Bay conference, Planning for a Future Barnegat Bay, to be held on September 29 from 9 am to noon at Ocean County College.  

Learn about the current conditions of the bay in the 2021 State of the Bay Report.

See current water-quality data from our three continuous monitoring stations in the bay, which transmit data in near real time to NJDEP.


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