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Picture of a green goby on a black background. NCFishes.com watermark

Green Goby

Physical: The green goby is grey-brown in color with a green tint. It has a steeply angled, almost vertical mouth,

Picture of a spotfin mojarra on a black background

Spotfin Mojarra

Physical: The spotfin mojarra is a silver fish with large rough scales and a pointed snout. They can extend their

Picture of a northern stargazer in a person's hand

Northern Stargazer

Physical: Northern stargazers are very unique looking fish. They have a black-brown body with white spots, which grow larger and

Picture of a juvenile crevalle jack on a white background

Crevalle Jack

Physical: The crevalle jack comes in a range of colors, from a blue-green to green-gold back, a silver or yellowish

Picture of a juvenile gray snapper on a blue background

Grey Snapper

Physical: The grey snapper, also known as the mangrove snapper, is a grey-red fish with a pointed snout, silver belly,

Picture fo a little skate on a sandy bottom

Little Skate

Physical: The little skate is dark brown or splotchy grey, with a white to grey underside. They are cartilaginous fish,

Picture of an American butterfish in a standing display

American Butterfish

Physical: American butterfish are dull blue in color, with paler sides and a silver belly. They are thin but deep-bodied,

Picture of a spotfin butterflyfish among brown corals

Spotfin Butterflyfish

Physical: The spotfin butterflyfish has a thin oval-shaped white body and yellow fins. They also have a yellow stripe on


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