Willie deCamp

Save Barnegat Bay

Contact Info:

117 Haines Road
Toms River,
NJ 08753

(732) 830-3600

[email protected]

http:// www.savebarnegatbay.org

Mr. deCamp is the chairman and past director of the non-profit organization, Save Barnegat Bay. He is a long-time activist for the protection of open space in the Barnegat Bay watershed, particularly on the bay-front and has been a key player in the protection of Barnegat Bay.

Presentation: Mr. deCamp could present on pollution issues in Barnegat Bay, particularly non-point source pollution and the impacts of development in the watershed on the estuary.

Availability: He is available to present to your group at any time and is willing to travel anywhere within Ocean County free of cost. Mr. deCamp prefers to speak to Adult, College, or High School groups.

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