King Tide Photo Initiative

KingTide Photo Contest 2011 Grand Prize Winner Carole Bradshaw’s

Photos of a normal high tide and the October 27, 2011 king tide:

what is a king tide?

A king tide is an especially high tide that occurs when the gravitational pull of the sun and moon reinforce one another. This extra-high tide happens twice a year at the times when the moon is closest to the earth. to learn more about king tides, visit the Witness King Tides website.  For general information about tides and the forces that affect them, visit the National Ocean Service’s website


what is the photo initiative?

The Barnegat Bay Partnership (BBP) is documenting the king tides by collecting photos of the king tide water levels in the bay.   Anyone can help with this project by submitting their photos to the BBP.  The photos will be used to help policymakers and planners identify coastal areas vulnerable to tidal flooding, visualize projected impacts from rising sea levels, and plan for the future.

A preview of sea level rise

Area residents get a preview of the effects of sea level rise on coastal areas during king tides. According to scientists’ predictions of sea level rise, the king tides of today will be the average tides of the future.  New Jersey has one of the highest rates of sea level rise in the continental United States. Recent studies project that the global sea level could increase by several feet by 2100. These new projections, combined with observed trends, suggest that today’s king tide water levels will be the normal high tide levels by the middle of the century. Photos of the king tide provide valuable information to the coastal policymakers planning for these future higher water levels. Get more information about sea level rise, its effects on coastal areas, and responses to the rising levels by visiting the EPA’s website on the issue.

Witness king tides around the world

The Barnegat Bay Partnership is proud to be part of an international effort to capture images of king tides as indicators of future sea levels.  This effort, called Witness King Tides, began in Australia.  Visit the global Witness King Tides website to see a map of king tide initiatives around the world and photos!  You can also earn more about sea level rise, climate change, and king tides on the Witness King Tides website.

King Tide Photo Contest 2011 Runner-up Leslee Ganss’

Photos of Cedar Run Dock Road in Cedar Run:

how to submit photos of the June 23 & 24, 2013 king tide

The Barnegat Bay Partnership is asking people to submit their photos of the June 23 and 24, 2013 king tide to the “Barnegat Bay King Tide Photo Initiative.” Two photos of the exact same location are needed. One should be taken during a normal high tide (either about a week prior to or after the king tide) and the other at the peak of the king tide.  To determine the time of the high tides, refer to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) tide tables by clicking here.  Look at the table for the NOAA tide station closest to your photo spot to get approximate tide times for your photo location.

The best way to submit your king tide photos is to upload them to the Flickr™group page created for the “Barnegat Bay King Tide Photo Initiative.”   Additional information is requested for each of the photos.

1. Record the date and time the photo was taken.

2. Describe the geographic location (GPS coordinates are ideal).

3. Specify whether the photo was taken during an average high tide or the king tide.

4. Note the photo orientation (which direction the camera was facing).

After you add the photo to the group, be sure to “Add the photo to your map.”  Select your photo, find your photo location on the map, drag your photo icon to the location, and save it.

For those who prefer not to use Flickr™, the photos and requested information can be submitted via email to Karen Walzer ([email protected]).

By submitting photos to the “Barnegat Bay King Tide Photo Initiative,” either via Flickr™ or email, you are granting permission to the BBP to use them according to the “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.”   This means that the BBP will have the right to use your photography in presentations and publications and on websites and social media.

Photo contest

Photos of the June 23 and 24, 2013 king tide that are submitted to the “Barnegat Bay King Tide Photo Initiative” will be automatically entered into the “Barnegat Bay King Tide Photo Contest.”  The Grand Prize is a naturalist-guided Pontoon Boat Tour of the bay for 10 to 15 passengers.

King Tide Photo Contest 2011 Runner-up John Kita

Photos of a marina parking lot on Great Bay Boulevard in Little Egg Harbor Township:

Eligibility:  To be eligible for the contest, participants must submit two photos for the same geographic location:  one photo of an average high tide (either before or after the king tide event) and one photo of the king high tide on either June 23 or June 24.   Additional information is required for each of the two photos:  date and time the photo was taken, the geographic location (GPS coordinates or description), label for whether the photo was taken during an average tide or the king tide, and the photo orientation (which direction the camera was facing).   The deadline for submission of contest entry photos is 11:59 p.m. EST on July 2, 2013.

Judging:  The photos will be judged by members of the Communication and Education Committee of the Barnegat Bay Partnership. The judges are looking for the photos that best illustrate the future impact of sea level rise by showing the difference between current average high tides and the king tide. The judges will select a Grand Prize winner and two Runner-ups from the eligible entries.  All decisions made by the judges are final.

Announcement of Contest Winners:  The BBP will announce the contest winners by July 15, 2013.

Prizes  The contest winners will receive a naturalist-guided boat tour of the Barnegat Bay.  Winners can invite up to 3 guests each to join them on the boat tour.  Scheduling of the boat tour will be arranged with Ocean County Parks and Recreation staff.  Please note:  the minimum age for boat tour passengers is 4 years old.

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