Barnegat Bay Blitz 2019

Volunteer for the Barnegat Bay Blitz, a watershed-wide clean-up to be held on Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8.

Common trash makes up the majority of what eventually becomes marine debris, polluting our streams and rivers, bays, and oceans.  To help address this problem, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) started the Barnegat Bay Blitz, a watershed-wide clean-up event, in 2011.

The NJDEP continued to grow the Blitz every year since, with more and more volunteers helping to remove trash and litter from our watershed. This year, the Barnegat Bay Partnership is taking the lead on organizing the Blitz as the NJDEP expands its clean-up efforts to the Delaware River watershed.

Our goal for the 2019 Blitz is to have clean-up events throughout the Barnegat Bay watershed, and we need your help! The first step is to register as a Volunteer. Your information will be directed to the person who is coordinating a clean-up in your area (“Team Captain”), and the Captain will contact you with additional details about your local clean-up. It’s a good idea to read “Tips for Volunteers” for information about what to bring and wear and how to stay safe during a clean-up.

We still need Captains to help organize and lead local clean-ups. If you’re willing to be a Captain and/or have suggestions for clean-up locations, please contact Karen Walzer at [email protected] or 732-255-0472 x 2.


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